Escape Room Marketing Agency That Unlocks Your Revenue Mystery

Since 2016, we've been building the best websites, running the most profitable ad campaigns, and getting those #1 search rankings—making fortunes for both our clients and ourselves. Let's win big together.

Discover 70+ game-changing escape room marketing ideas that are guaranteed to outperform your current strategies.

One Agency + Multiple Marketing Channels = More Money In Your Pocket

We know you’re in the industry of Internet Software & Services,have around 11-50 employees, and who your competitors are.

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Expert Team + Multiple Marketing Channels = More Money in Your Pocket

Win like never before with our proven multi-channel marketing expertise. Increase your website traffic, attract massive birthday and corporate events, and boost your bookings—talking about huge revenue growth.

Precisely Measure Your Conversions: GA-4 First-Party Data Tracking

Our mornings start with Google Analytics-4 and a side of popular booking engines—Bookeo, Resova, Fareharbor, PeekPro, Xola, Quinbook, and a few more.

Improve One Channel or Rapidly Scale Performance Across All of Them at Once

We challenge your marketing team! YES! Nobody serves escape room businesses like we do. We're simply the best at web design, SEO, PPC ads, social media—you name it.

High-Performing Google Ads

We'll make your competition jealous with ads so good that they'll wish they had us! Let's create killer Google Ads that get people clicking and booking your escape rooms.

Proven Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO strategies are like magic—they'll make your escape room show up first in search results. No more getting lost online, your room will be the star of the search.

Social Engineered Facebook Ads

Our Facebook ads are like epic stories—they'll grab attention and get people talking about YOUR escape room. No more boring posts, we'll create a buzz so big, everyone will want to play!

Corporate Targeted LinkedIn Ads

Our LinkedIn ads are like superhero calls—they target businesses looking for epic team-building events. Imagine so many companies booking YOUR rooms for their next outings!

High Converting Web Development

We design websites that grab attention and get people clicking that "Book Now" button faster than you can say "escape room". Imagine your website so cool and easy to use, people can't wait to book their escape.

Personal Touch Agency, 30+ Grateful Clients - Yet, You'll Feel Like Our Only One!

We helped them become booking superstars, leaving their competition speechless. Want your escape room to be the ultimate champion? We can help.

The Only Escape Room Marketing Agency You'll Ever Need to Work With

Once you team up with us, you can ditch the marketing struggle forever. We'll handle everything, making you the envy of all your escape room rivals.

They make you big promises.
We make you big bucks.

They follow best practices.
We define them.

They deliver reports.
We deliver results.

They bring excuses.
We bring solutions.

They've got a case study.
We've got a library of them.

They collect paychecks.
We collect wins.

You Choose How We Work Together: From One-Time Audits to Done-For-You-Everything

We offer pick-your-own-adventure style plans! Choose what works for you, from ongoing expert management to pure performance. Let's unlock your escape rooms' full potential.

Ongoing Expert Management

We'll handle every aspect of your marketing needs from start to finish.

Deep One-Time Audit

We'll provide you with detailed to-do's that are specific and actionable.

Strong One-Time Setup

We'll build you a high-performing engine and you run it by yourself.

Ongoing Consulting

Get ongoing step-by-step advice with data-driven approach.

Pure Performance

Revenue split partnership. Less risk for you, higher reward for us.

Your Custom Marketing Plan Shows The Exact Steps We'll Take to Hit Your Goals

We've spent tons of time (and money!) testing marketing tricks on tons of escape rooms. Now, we're sharing all our secret weapons with YOU. It's like having a cheat code for escape room marketing—totally free!

escape-room-marketer-marketing plan

Meet Your Dedicated Marketing Superheroes Before They Take on the Challenge

We want you to be 100% confident before you join us. Check out everything we do and make sure it matches your awesome escape room vision. Once you're on board, get ready to win!

Achieve Your Business Goals with Ease Your Team Will be Surprisingly Easy to Reach

We're down for anything—email, text, Zoom, phone call, even carrier pigeon (though that might be slow!). Just let us know how you roll and we'll be happy to chat.

Growth Wave

It's like a giant marketing wave that carries you straight to success. We learn from past experiments, use proven strategies, and plan for the future, all to keep your bookings flowing. We track everything to see what works best and focus on those ideas, like a surfer riding the perfect wave!

Live Reporting Dashboards

See all your important metrics for all your marketing channels at a glance, while being able to change the date ranges as well.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Get detailed analysis of winning and losing experiments in relation to your business goals as well as future strategies and tactics.

Email Updates

Need a clue to solve a business puzzle? Email us anytime and we'll provide the solution to ensure you escape successfully.

Scheduled Calls

We'll set ongoing time aside to keep you in the loop and get your feedback on things to prioritize and plan accordingly.

Escape the Competition with Our Winning Marketing Strategies

Tired of other escape rooms stealing the spotlight? We've got the ultimate escape plan. No matter if you have a marketing plan already or not, ours will CRUSH it.

Unlock insider knowledge about the BEST marketing strategies that get results for 30+ successful escape room companies. It's like having a cheat code for escape room marketing—and you don't even have to break the rules!

We've got a crew of over 16 brainiacs (way smarter than one!), and guess what? Hiring them all costs less than, well, let's just say it's a STEAL! Seriously, we did the research (on brain prices, no joke!).

Escape Room Marketer has been a big part of our growth and success. They offer a full range of services, including website UI UX design and development, creative copywriting, ad management, and SEO planning. They didn't just make a great website for See moreexpand_more

Chetan P.

President, All In Adventures

I can't say enough good things about Escape Room Marketer. Their approach to digital marketing is both creative and data-driven, a combination that's rare to find. Thanks to their efforts, we've not only seen a significant increase in online bookingsSee moreexpand_more

Stuart B.

Owner, Trapt Escape Room

Escape Room Marketer did a great job getting more people to book our rooms, especially for birthdays and team-building events. The team was super nice to deal with and they are very friendly always got back to us quickly. I'd definitely tell anyone tSee moreexpand_more

Jonathan D.

Owner, Intrepid Escape Room

Escape Room Growth: Godfather Offer You Can't Refuse!

Forget the competition—with our help, you'll be the one everyone's talking about! Let's make your escape room the ultimate success story.