Escape Room Client Reviews: Love Letters From The Believers

Can't wait for the day you tell us, "We used to struggle, but now weekends are packed, weekdays are getting pretty busy too, and birthdays and team-building events are flooding in! ERM definitely cracked the escape room marketing code!"

They didn't just make a great website for our 23 locations—they also made our brand better, brought in more visitors and bookings, and created ads that really connect with our customers. They know the escape room business really well and love marketiSee moreexpand_more

Chetan Patel

President, All In Adventures

From the moment we teamed up with Escape Room Marketer, it was clear they were in a league of their own. Their commitment to our success is evident in every campaign, every piece of advice, and every result we've seen. Our customer base has grown expSee moreexpand_more

Byron Delmonico and Kara Zanni

Owners, RI Riddle Room

I was skeptical about hiring another marketing firm after a couple of not-so-great experiences, but Escape Room Marketer completely changed my mind. Their approach is so hands-on and personalized; it felt like they were an extension of our own team. See moreexpand_more

Jonathan Dautrich

Owner, Intrepid Escape Room

Escape Room Marketer is, hands down, the best agency I've ever worked with (and I've worked with over a dozen). They're fast, affordable, and they have a team that's really fun to work with. You can't go wrong hiring ERM!

Andrew Belov

Owner, Escape SF

The team at Escape Room Marketer is nothing short of miraculous. They not only redesigned our website to make it more attractive and user-friendly but also optimized our online ads to get the most out of our budget. Now, we're seeing more online bookSee moreexpand_more

Tom Crunk

Owner, Clever Fox Escape Room

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Escape Room Marketer team. They are extremely knowledgeable and resourceful on all matters PPC. In addition, everyone I have come in contact with is so friendly and willing to assist, creating a very See moreexpand_more

Ken McCoy

Co-owner, Waxhaw Escape

Ever since we started working with Escape Room Marketer, our bookings have skyrocketed! Their team really gets the escape room vibe and tailored a marketing strategy that speaks directly to our audience. It's like they unlocked the secret code to briSee moreexpand_more

Rocky Williams

Owner, Way Of Escape

Escape Room Marketer helped our company design and build our new website and create a strategy to drive more visitors to our site. They leveraged their industry insight to help us modernize our site, optimize our approach to content creation, and creSee moreexpand_more

Angela and Matt

Owners, Open Door Escape Games

Very happy with the PPC services. Smart people, great service and a significant improvement to our website traffic and sales. I would highly recommend Escape Room Marketer!

Katie Dufort

Co-owner, Puzzle Rides

We have been with them for almost 5 years now and the experience has been amazing. An amazing price for what they can do for you! Our google quality scores have never been higher, conversions have never been better, and they genuinely care about the See moreexpand_more

Michael Barton

Owner, Red Button Escape

We've been working with these guys since February 2016, and they are not our first PPC ad agency but they are definitely our last. They blow the competition out of the water. They are open to learning and teaching while they execute. They are fantastSee moreexpand_more

Zach Brandiff

Co-owner, Vail Valley Escape Room

One figure says it all... 128% average increase in revenue within 2 months of working with Escape Room Marketer. What more can you ask for? If you want to know your Google account is being managed to its full potential, this team is the only option. See moreexpand_more

Javi Kalback

Owner, Portsmouth Escape Room

Honestly, they're one of the most reliable teams I've ever worked with. They're really good at handling stuff like Google campaigns and keeping track of the ad budget, plus they design amazing websites. The team knows their stuff inside and out.

Joseph W. Brazfield

Co-owner, Prototype Escape Games

I have recommended their services to 4 close friends and would highly recommend them to a stranger. Great experience dealing with Escape Room Marketer for the past years. Their results speak for themselves.

Stuart Bogaty

Owner, Panic Room

A great team to work with. I was impressed by their attention to detail and genuine desire to learn about our company before they took on our ads. They have a very talented design team and their ad copy was also top class.

Brad Humble

Owner, Exithis

I can't say enough good things about Escape Room Marketer. Their approach to digital marketing is both creative and data-driven, a combination that's rare to find. Thanks to their efforts, we've not only seen a significant increase in online bookingsSee moreexpand_more

James and Stephanie

Owners, Inferno Escape Room

Escape Room Marketer is a first-rate organization. The whole team took the time to really learn about my business so they could understand the unique challenges I was facing. Their impact on my business was felt almost immediately, and I am excited tSee moreexpand_more

Nicholas Pryor

Owner, Clue Avenue

It's a pleasure to work with Escape Room Marketer. Hamid and the team are very friendly and have produced great results for our Google ads and Facebook ads. They are smart, professional, and they make me feel valued as a client, even for a very smallSee moreexpand_more

Nabeel Saghir

Owner, Deadlock Escape

Before, our website was okay, but it wasn't great at getting people to book our escape room. Then, this awesome team came in and changed everything. They made our website really cool and fun, just like our escape rooms. Now, when people visit our sitSee moreexpand_more

Chelsey Berke

Owner, Escape Ability

We hired Escape Room Marketer in November 2017 to handle all of our google advertising campaigns and it has been a tremendous success. Almost immediately, our previously failing campaign was optimized. I am very confident that the team will only furtSee moreexpand_more

Luis Pabon

Owner, Escape Room PR

Hamid and the team is very thorough and thoughtful. They have the ability to tackle any issues and the analytical skills to work out plans to run a profitable PPC ad campaign.

Tim White

Owner, Cluemaster Escape Room

Escape Room Marketer is the place to go if you want to grow your business. The whole team really gets into your business like they're part of it. They are excellent in developing the right strategy and are always ready to tweak things based on what tSee moreexpand_more

Lori M.

Owner, Hometown Escapes

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